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When someone is charged with a crime most often they are entitled to bail. The amount of bail is set by the Court Judges. An individual contacts a bail agent and enters into a contractual agreement for release of a defendant.  The defendant must appear in court each and every time the judge requires them to do so.  For this service, there is a premium charged.  The person entering into the contract with the bonding company is not released of their responsibility until all obligations have been met and the bond is exonerated. In some cases, collateral may be necessary to secure a bail bond.

The state regulates the cost of bail bonds and they will vary.  The average cost is 10% of the bond amount with travel fees, constable fees and court fees an additional expense.

The Bond will be good for the entire trial, yet if someone you guaranteed fails to appear and a fugitive is not surrendered by the court due date the bail agent must remit the entire bond to the court and will proceed to liquidate collateral to pay it. That means you lose it. A good Bond Agent protects you as you protect your own.

If you have a runner, you will want to cooperate with the bail bond agent and provide him/her with as much information as you can. If the defendant makes contact with you encourage him/her to surrender to the bail agent or law enforcement.

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